The council of the trail

  1. Rajmund Papiernik – Chairman of the Council of the Culinary Trail, Director of Lower Silesian Tourist Organization Office.
  2. Ryszard Czerwiński – Head of the Agriculture and Rural Development Department, Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesia Voivodship.
  3. Jerzy Terlecki – Member of the Board of the Lower Silesian Tourist Organization.
  4. Michał Gołąb – Member of the Board of the Lower Silesian Tourist Organization, Wolow District Deputy.
  5. Maciej Oziembłowski, PhD – Assistant Professor at Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences – Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences.
  6. Zbigniew Koźlik – Chef at HP Park Plaza Hotel in Wroclaw, Member of the Council of European Regional Culinary Heritage for Lower Silesia Region.
  7. Grzegorz Pomietło – Chef at Art Hotel in Wroclaw.
  8. Grzegorz Duda – Chef at Nowy Zdroj Hotel Restaurant in Polanica-Zdroj.
  9. Mateusz Tomaszewski – Chef at Bernard Restaurant in Wroclaw.
  10. Mariusz Kucharczak – Chef at Boletus Restaurant in Kliczkow Castle, at Tumska Barge and at Mill Inn in Wroclaw.
  11. Barbara Jakimowicz Klein – Polish Academy of Culinary Arts, journalist and writer.
  12. Agnieszka Hajbura Michałowska – Polish Academy of Culinary Arts, catering industry manager.
  13. Małgorzata Frydel – Head Teacher at The Complex of Gastronomy Schools in Wroclaw.
  14. Wiesław Jurewicz – a specialist in creating a brand, image and communication and marketing strategies.