On the fundament of

regional products

There are many tourist attractions based on regional products in the region of Lower Silesia.

European Trail of Castles and Palaces, a network of underground tourist trails, national parks, nature reserves, rock labyrinths, sacral, urban and industrial architecture monuments, the biggest number of spas in Poland, ski and bike trails, luxurious hotels and holidays farms. Mysterious culture landscape is not the only richness and potential of the region. There are also diverse culinary traditions and new tastes created by the inhabitants of the region and the chefs of Lower Silesian restaurants.

Lowers Silesia has the assets to become one of the key tourist destinations in Poland in term of culinary tourism.

Slowly but consistently the region heads towards modern Polish cuisine which, on the one hand, is open to the world and new trends, and on the other hand, takes inspiration from its history and fine multicultural heritage. Culinary tourism in Lower Silesia has been developing over the past several years and it aims to meet the expectations of those tourists who plan their routes in order to taste the dishes and products in a particular region. The Tastes of Lower Silesia Trail has the ambition of not only facilitating the culinary wanderings, both for Polish and international gourmets, but it also aims at promoting Lower Silesian regional and local products as well as the skills of our chefs.

The character of The Lower Silesian Culinary Trail is not linear.

These are sites scattered all over the region which tourists can freely choose and combine making their own routes. I would like to encourage you to discover not only the treasures of culture and nature of Lower Silesia, but also to acquaint yourself with inimitable tastes of this stunningly beautiful region of Poland. You will be able to see the tourist attractions of the region through a gourmet’s eyes and search for new or maybe your favourite tastes.

The creators of the Lower Silesian cuisine are not only passionate about discovering the forgotten tastes and recreating old recipes but, most of all, they have reverence for the diversity of regional products.
This is the fundament to create the Lower Silesian cuisine. Barbara Jakimowicz-Klein